The Coffee Grounds’ Superstition’s Heart

The Coffee Grouds' Superstition's Heart

The Coffee Grounds’ Superstition’s Heart


A Symbol I have seen almost every day in the last week.

Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

I am happy you’re still with me in 2023 on “Thinking Confessions.” My hope is you started to think about different points of view because there are always at least two.

Usually, the heart is connected with love. Last month, I introspected myself a lot and decided to give love to everyone who needs it with words, gestures, and smiles. It makes me happy and I don’t think about the worse sides of events. They happen, and the important is the way people react.

Spending my Christmas and New Year’s Eve with my daughter reminded me I should protect her from my worse reactions based on my unsuccessful experiences. The good thing about holidays is people have time to think and start small steps toward their better self. At least, I did.  Watching about my health never was a priority for me, but recently I changed that because If I am gone, my daughter will feel alone.

Doing examinations is not the best thing to do but it’s helpful.

To my surprise, my health is well, although the mental and physical stress I went through. With that in mind I finally wrote down a diet after reading information and watching webinars about healthy habits. It made me more focused and calm. Counting calories is not a bad thing, because it gives facts for research.

Last month, I stopped Zumba classes because of my situation. It made me feel restless. Starting them yesterday gave me hope of light for my weight loss, and a great goal to achieve. It’s true in middle age is a bit challenging to go down kilograms, but it’s not impossible with great discipline.

I started to rethink my Zumba and blog strategies because, in their current shape, they don’t work well, in my opinion. The only critic for myself is me. There is always a way to develop something and make it better.

Coffee Grounds’ Superstition’s Heart

Superstitions are everywhere, but not everyone believes them.  In the last two weeks, I started wondering about these phenomena.

My alarm is set to 06.06 am because I like to play with numbers in my head. In Numerology that number connects to the heart, showing unconditional love. Since my every romantic love was without conditions, I highly resonate with that number.

Every man I have met in my life until now stays in my heart with love. Giving everything to them taught me to understand better people in general. It’s undeniable fact that the men I dated are interesting, independent, and self-sufficient. They did not have time for me or loved me romantically.

Even so, I stood silently by their sides in everything. Since they’re outsiders, they are also egoists and self-protecting. Maybe is good or not,  but there is the fact they loved me in their ways I did understand later. Some of them protected me from their unmatched to mine, love. There is a saying some men can’t be the ones for the women who love them. I suppose that is my romance boat. One or two said: “I am not the man you’re searching for” or “I can’t be your man,” and I wondered what that means. Knowing the reasons, I keep my distance because there is nothing I can do when a man fears committing or disappointing a woman. Someday maybe a courageous man will find me, but for now, it’s like that.

I drink my daily cup of coffee early, enjoying the solo time before my child wakes up.

Last two weeks, my coffee grounds looked like a heart already four times. Wondering why шге proper shape shows up, I started to read the superstitions. It was surprising to find out the heart means love comes my way. 

Where it will come from?

Uncertainty crawls into my mind, but so does curiosity too. My social life is not busy and I avoid online dating because I focus on my daughter, work, and started projects. But I think the heart is connected more to my love-giving outside the romantic prospects. Maybe that’s the secret message I need to know. On my current horizon, I see no soulmates or dates, but my generosity and positive vibe rose. Starting to bring more pet food to feed stray animals, gives me a lot of pride. Changing my words to calm ones helped me to be more positive. That led me to feel fulfilled as a personality. Maybe that was my life lesson from 2022.

My message to you for 2023 is “Give Love” to more people, animals, and yourself. It makes you a kind human. That’s the difference in karma the Universe sees. Doing good or worse is like a boomerang. Everything comes back one way or another. If only people could see the universe’s signs better. Maybe they will learn, and also me.

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