Reading The Zodiac - Poem

Reading The Zodiac – Poem

Reading The Zodiac – Poem


Dedicated to Zodiac reading maniacs like me. 🙂

Happy mood today

Reading the Zodiac

Enjoying the fake fact

About meeting the soulmate

That seems somehow away

From my life, or unavailable?

Time fly

And I lie

Myself to meet

Someone special

And we go through

Hardship and sorrow

Loving each other flaw

But as the day goes by

I work a lot and occupy

My paycheck side

That indeed loves me

 Bills and taxes arrived

I still read the Zodiac

It makes me sincerely smile

But my disappointment

I can’t happily hide

There is no time

My business meeting smiled

“You need to tell me goodbye

Because you’re not skillful,”

For the 1000 jobs that aligned

By only one work position

I continue reading the horoscope

Does it say I will meet eternal Love?

But where it is I do not know

Because  I need to make up how

My resume on LinkedIn is looking

To go and fight for salary cloak

My expenses to rise, and I can’t allow

Does the horoscope say I grow?

Probably it is right, but I should go

To look for new obligations

Since there are many associations

From the zodiac that I look at above

Money making is somehow a salvation

When there is empty communication

In search the unconditional Love

I met many secrets that flow

Like the waves of the sea

I visited on my holiday time

To date with the broken crab

Whose tong never comes back

But I send it to the ocean

Where my life is going away

Without affairs for the grey

Years of my life, but I will survive

There are many stray cats outside

That should be fed and someday

 I will take them to my home

When I grow old and alone

But that doesn’t even matter

I keep reading the Zodiac

Horoscopes never turn me back

Where I  understood

Or maybe I did belong

Things sometimes go wrong

But the dice it’s thrown

And stays 7 months at zero

However, I became a hero

For Quora curious people

And my beautiful daughter

I started to accept I might end up alone

But I keep reading the Zodiac horoscope.


I was obsessed with reading zodiac horoscopes. That was a thing that lifted my spirit for a while. But time passed, and nothing happened by reading the zodiac. Today I still read it for fun without believing it.

Sometimes people need a simple hug to feel better, but when there is no one to give it, looking for another way to relieve the stress is good. A Zodiac horoscope reading is a temporary solution to a long-held problem that needs personal resolution. It’s undeniable fact that reading helps the same way as going to church by giving calamity to the soul. It’s also true that horoscopes can not save people from their actions.

Before Christmas Eve, I say it doesn’t matter the relationship status, the best way to celebrate it is with self-love and forgiveness for past mistakes. People learn from daily routines and situations which make them better persons. The main point of Christmas is to become the light in someone’s life, making them believe in miracles again. Another interesting point of view for that celebration is being close to family – blood or soul. My life tribe never has been alongside my relatives outside my daughter. But I take care of them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone! Let’s become better Humans who create miracles for our close-to-heart persons or random strangers. Shall we?

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