Choosing Reality - Flash Fiction

Choosing Reality – Flash Fiction

Choosing Reality – Flash Fiction


An Insight into how people run away from their reality, transforming it into something that keeps them busy.

Dana walked on the foggy streets toward her daily work. Her phone rang, and she picked it up discontented. She listened to music with her Bluetooth headphones and should stop it because of the call.

Leyla checked on her after three months of no communication.

– Pretty, you finally picked up the phone! I was so worried – Leyla spoke.

– You know me, dear, I do not pick when I think seriously – replied Dana.

– I know you, but usually, two months are enough for you to move on.

– Yes. You know me well, Leyla. Is everything all good with your business? – avoided the eventual questions, Dana. – I plan to visit you soon.

– You’re welcome, but do not change the topic – said Leyla – Tell me, did you open your heart for real love?

– No. I will not do it anyway. – replied after one-minute silence Dana.

– I understand. So you choose to live without a man in your life then – giggled Layla, knowing the answer.

– No. I can have all men in my head and writings. – replied Dana with determination.

– Okay, my girl, I will check on you soon. Take care and write the best you can for all your imaginary men until you fall in love again. I root for your fictional affair to become one in real life. – Leyla smiled.

– I love my male characters in the novel. I stay with them forever, as they are with me. I need to write a lot and earn money to pay my bills. – Replied Dana.

– So, you choose the reality of the working and ambitious bitch, then?

– I choose this reality, yes. It works better for me than waiting for true love which may not happen in this life. – Dana replied with a sad tone. – I need to go.

– I see you did not overcome your darkness yet, but you challenge yourself to do it with a creative vibe. I will wait for your call for a successful book, dear. – Leyla became sad too.

But, she knew that the light of hope was coming to Dana’s heartbroken tunnel.


That is a Sequel to Peaceful – Short Story

Sometimes I dive into creative writing to distract myself from my challenging reality. My imagination is rich, and I prefer to escape from the real world, going into my creative mind. That means my life is on trial, or a specific crossroad of options is present. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, the chosen reality is a fact in people’s lives.

Today, I keep my confession simple: recent daily tiredness stopped me from digging into the deep life ocean’s topics as a remembrance of my humanity. So, I will pretend everything is alright, using the dogma: “Fake it until you make it!”

Daily fights are neverending, but even the greatest heroes need a little break to keep going faster afterward.

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