Lies Or Having Fun? – Triolet Poem

Lies Or Having Fun?

Lies Or Having Fun? – Triolet Poem


Another good idea to think about when dating.


Are you lying to me or just having fun?

That is something that never existed.

I used to see you as my shining sun.

Are you lying to me or just having fun?

You can’t deceive me in my life’s autumn.

I can see your true colors, you insisted.

Are you lying to me or just having fun?

That is something that never existed.


I  started to love Triolet Poem Poetry Form. It’s short, concrete, and gives the right message. My three Triolet poems are unique in my eyes.

People’s lies bring unfulfilled expectations and delusion in every life area and that is an undeniable fact.

The one, who allowed lies or someone else to have fun with him, is the person himself. There is no one else to blame because most people, including me, do not think logically, but emotionally.

But before finding out lies and that someone is having fun with another person, it takes time to realize.

That is the theme of my today’s confession in a poem I love to re-read because it reminds me how foolish I was a long time ago to believe only in words, without actions. It’s a fact women love with their ears, but that is only in the first stages of dating.

As a single mom today, I am happy I see the motivation of men around me and have a feast with my old self.  Knowing my reasons to be with someone is no less important than men’s point of view.

There is an interesting lover’s saying I quote from memory: There were two lovers. The man said  to his woman: “I will give you an apple.” She heard “I give you a red apple,” but the years went by, and the woman never was given a red apple. One day she asked her husband: “Where is my red apple?” and he said: “I  never promised you a red apple, but I gave you many apples.”

That is a white lie that the woman chooses to believe because she was delusional about her lover.

The same goes for having fun because many people speak deeply and enthusiastically about feelings, but never listen to what others tell them. So, listening is the most important thing in communication.

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