More – Poem


More – Poem


For me, going courageously into my  Autumn life


I am closer to forty,

With one cycle, more

Last year I was in Turkey

Sincerely followed my goal

To explore my achievements,

And find a way to move on

I know I am not pretty

Like I was before,

I wish I could

Turn back time for more

But I saw in the mirror

I am not exactly old

And quite confident

Standing on my own

Two Feet that I  lost

Somewhere in life’s snow

Of being tortured

In my mind’s recall

By being tiptoeing

In a situation that holds

Me from dreaming,

And made me my own

Perfect companion

With many stories untold

It is not I am vigorous

To make myself glow

I try to be living

And not to be with the flow

I wish I could

Felt true love more

I have the patience

To stay as a whole

For my conclusions

And choices that grow

My feelings unconditional

Alas, one-sided, nevermore


Let’s talk about the Middle Ages life that’s inevitable for everyone. Many people consider themselves old after they turn thirty. That is not true, because after a certain age people become mature. They know what and who they want in their lives.

I am turning forty in a few days, feeling more alive than in my twenties. The reasons are that I already know what I want to do and with who to spend my time. The sifting in my personal and professional life is a fact that makes me happy.

I do not want to go back to my younger age when I made many mistakes and missed chances for true love, a satisfying career, and personal development.

Today, I live my intense life to its fullest, achieving my goals slowly and steadily. Whoever can keep up with me, is welcome to join my new Autumn Journey. I will find the right partner and profession sooner or later because nothing’s gonna stop me now. I offered my sacrifices, recollected my heart many times, and made my soul a sanctuary that will not be polluted by people or things outside my vibe. My pride is in my daughter, so I do not want to turn back time.

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