Red Laces – Poem

Red Laces

Red Laces – Poem

Is Dedicated

To The Daydreamers


I watched a K-drama

It looked romantic

Men showed attitude

To be with a woman

In keeping red laces

From one heart to another

All was so fluffy

But I come crying

A story of human beauty

This world unrecognizing

Of silently coming

Between soul connections

That looked not organic

To physical attraction

Outside the mind’s box

As described in the movies

And maybe the poems

It seemed long-lasting

Between time and space

Not copy and pasting

I dreamed about it

Unfortunately, aging

As lost in the record

For the past honor of loving

From knight to his princess

That now never goes

But I am an old-schooler

In terms of affairs

Still waiting for genuine

Passengers of  the wait

Unconditional, that is a fairy tale


Always on Friday, I publish Poems because it’s the time before the weekend when people should feel romantic and not tired. Thinking is better to be on work days, and on breaks should be love.

From a young age, I like almost every aspect of Asian Culture. I find it more romantic and deep than other mythologies, film scenarios, etc. That was one of the reasons I started to watch Japanese Animation and Korean series.

The Red Threads of Fate is fascinating to me since I am a hopeless romantic sometimes when I let go of controlling everything around me. The stories behind these laces are legends, myths, and the deep connection two souls have between time and space. Some call them soulmates, which I also believe in.

My preference is naming these inexplicable relationships a basis for improvement in the pursuit of becoming the best version of myself until I am alive.

I highly recommend my favorite K-Dramas: “Master’s Sun” and “Faith.”


Korean Drama /K-Drama/

Red Thread Of Fate in Asian Culture

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