The Frist Step Forward Leads To The Better Life

The First Step Forward Leads To A Better Life

The Frist Step Forward Leads To A Better Life


The Right Time Is Usually Unplanned

Last year I went through many breakups with people I loved. To avoid the depression, I started to get too busy, deciding to participate in international writing competitions in English.

It has been always my dream to enter that kind of contest. I made the first step forward because I knew that leads to a better life.

When I was younger, I joined poetry competitions in my native language but did not win them.

Later I found my poetry quotes on a specific Bulgarian Poetry forum and was happy that my writings were given as an example. That motivated me to continue writing poems in general.

I published online long ago Poetry on my native language and decided to make a blog for my rhymes on Blogger.

Unfortunately,  my website needed too much promotion to be recognized.

Right said I am too lazy to share my work in Bulgarian on Social media because Bulgarians, in general, do not like to read Poetry or anything else outside gossip. I do not feel it is right to force my posts into people’s eyes and believe that if someone likes you, they will read without reminders.

Since then, I have kept writing for the art of writing.

My close-to-heart people always were against my creative writing because is “not stable economically.”   That made me write in a different language – English.

I have been writing in English since I gave birth to my daughter in 2014 and dedicated my first poetry book to her. After I started to write seriously in English, I participated in Writer’s digest Wednesday’s Poetry challenges.

That way, when the child slept, in thirty weeks, I had another Poetry book. I also published it on Amazon. But, I never used social media for its promotion.

Last year, after many challenging situations in my life, I rediscovered my writing muse and made the first step forward.

From the contests I participated in, only two judges gave me feedback — they liked my story and poem, but they said my works were not “Yes” material. I haven’t been chosen as the finalist, but that never discouraged me.

Every poem, or short story I created for competitions I participated in until now, is a base for my next book. It’s also a win in my eyes.

I think people need to work more to succeed as a writer — the same way I do.

I joined every month between two to four writing contests with one poem or one story until September. Then I stopped because of my hundred failures. I believe that 100 is equal to 1, which regarding Numerology is the leadership change number.  I started to work on my Poetry book, which will contain every rejected work I wrote plus some newer works, around 120 poems.

After all,  personal and professional life needs serious planning, acting, and not wishful thinking. Without a plan, everything is just a daydream.

So, people, start working for your goals as a writer and person with the appropriate schedule.

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