Dancefloor Poem


Dancefloor poem


Movement equal to living


My life is like a dancefloor

I hoof with the unknown

Moving with courage

I have everything on my own

I will never stop

Even the steps are like clay

I am no one’s prey

I have my daughter

She lights up my way

I enjoy every laughter

And do not walk away

I have a great lover

Even only in my head

I look for new things over

I experience my life

When no good it is better

With the spice of challenge

I turn my pain over

In pearls of wisdom

I continuously keep going

To turn me on

I believe in the miracles

I see them in my daily life

Loving the feeling

Of sun touching my skin

Enjoying the moonlight

That breeze me with a gentle wind

Expecting nothing

Only eternal spree

I choose to look at it

It will not makes me flee

I live in happiness

Between my mind’s wall

And heart’s apartment

Looking at the light

That always is blazing

No matter the dark

Moments of loneliness

Transforming in little sparks

I love my dancefloor

I learned Zumba dance

That keeps me writing

When hard times arise

I know for surely

Tango takes two

It seems I am too early

Fantasy for love

I hope I can be a birdy

Someday I will have a nest.


I love dancing but I can’t do it often because I do not have free time to go partying. That is the reason I choose to do Zumba dance at home online. I did my first choreography, and my second is in process of improving. I know my moves need a lot to become perfect, but I feel proud of them.

The hardest step is always the first one.

I started with Zumba two years ago. I went on live classes, but the instructor’s schedule didn’t work well for me. Then I found out about online instructors until I had the idea to become one.

Before my separation back in 2021, the Zumba instructor goal seemed like a mirage to me. When I started to live with my daughter, my wings toward that goal of achievement started to grow.

Today, I am a licensed instructor after my re-found motivation to live to the fullest. Nothing is impossible if people believe they can do what they want.

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