Untied – Poem

United – Poem


My Celebration of emotional healing I did for the last year.


Today I felt free

For a second time in  a row

After I broke up with you

My hurt and smacked soul

I got emotional blows

But I feel like a clown

Probably, because I fall

Harder than usual

In the current reality

By being on my own

I thought it will be great

All is under control

I hurt many people

For my unexpected soar

Defining the couture

Of sacrificing  the world

I have lived in

In a Delusions

Of being tied with a vow.


I always was a lyric, and non-rhyming poet. My emotions run deep as a fellow zodiac water sign, so I put a lot of feelings in my writing that are not easy to swallow. However, my motivations for writing are always two: make the reader think and feel.

I understand well my blog in its current state is dying but even so, I will continue writing until there is at least one reader. I believe when I finish my Poetry book, things will change for the better, but currently, I am editing it.

Many people ask why my works are not on trending topics but if that is the case, I should become a trader of my writing. I know the blog is needed when there is some kind of product on it, but I create it still. Indeed, I ran way too fast into creating the blog but I was highly disappointed with my participation in different social writing platforms, which did not bring me anything I wanted to achieve.

Recently my inspiration is lost because my physical time is limited. However, I keep doing my best in trying to keep up with everything in my current life situation because where is a dream to follow there is daily movement toward it.



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