Peaceful Short Story

Peaceful – Short Story

Peaceful – Short Story


Something that I wrote to prove to myself I can write short stories too.

Sometimes my thoughts transform into that genre, and my thinking confession flows better because it is challenging to use my name in the story I want to tell.

When my mood is for creative writing, I go for it because my love to put my imagination into words is neverending. Every form, genre, and expressive way is leading me to create art in everything I do regarding writing.

So, here we go with my Short Story.

Dana White had an old friend, who owned a bordello. She wondered if someone still visits those places when there are so many motels.

The woman walked down Paris’ dark streets. The woman found the site called “Peaceful” – a strange name for a place of that kind.

It looked ordinary and not showy.

When Dana walked inside, she saw a few half-naked women sitting and drinking wine. The ladies looked at her curiously. Some men entered the place.

– Where is Leyla? – asked the woman.

– Oh, she is in the attic – one lady giggled.

Dana went up the stairs. Meanwhile, some rooms were open, and she saw working girls, but she was surprised – they listened and talked with the men inside.

While Dana went upper to the attic, she observed that most of the men staying in the bordello only spoke with the girls, nothing else. The woman thought the only purpose of the whorehouse was only to sleep with the girls in it.

Something was off.

Both women hugged and sat on the sofa next to the deck. Leyla saw Dana’s pale face and sparkling eyes, filled with peaceful darkness. She knew why her old friend came to her. She sipped a glass of wine, bringing out tissues.

– I came here, Leyla, to search for answers to my past love experience because I think I am screwed up every time I go for a man.

– I know why you are here, sweetheart. It is not you screwed up in man’s arms. It is their uncertainty in their abilities to keep you. Or it may be they do not want to overcome their former lovers.

– Why did it happen only to me every time I try to go for men’s love?

– Because you do not know how to look the real love in man’s eyes. They may be protecting you by not being with you. Sometimes, men lift you with their rejections. They want you to be ready for them, or they – for your love. You go too fast, my girl. And you wait too much for someone else to make you feel appreciated and whole.

– But it hurts me a lot. The pain is unbearable.

– Then, why are your eyes peaceful? Did you give up on love?

– Yes. I did close my heart. – Dana confessed with a cold tone, but tears rolled down her cheeks.

– Do not shed tears for men, Dana. Because when they see your eyes, they will cry inside too. Your irises are the mirror your former lovers saw and will see. That will make them feel unloved, guilty, and unsure. It will bring them more uncertainty and fear of falling in love again.

– But how to not cry, Layla? My heart is torn inside out.

– Is it torn, or is it covered with a ton of padlocks and walls? If so, no one will come to your heart.

– I do not want anyone to come if I suffer again.

– How do you know what will happen, Dana? Will you not try?

– Not now. You may be correct, but I need to heal.

– You do but do not trust the peaceful darkness you have inside now. Try to see the light.

– Are the men here not sleeping with the girls?

– They do, but only when they feel secure to share their deepest thoughts, worries, and lives. Men have their feelings too. Only then do they share their bodies.

– I do not believe it! They are cold and break hearts.

– This is what you want to see now because you feel fury when your love is unreciprocated. Are you sure it was not mutual?

– There was desire, but he denied it and made fun of me.

– It is your fault, girl, do not give whatever men want from you so soon. They lose interest, and even if interested, they will walk away because they scare how pure and deep your love is. If they can’t give you what you gave them, they leave you even if there is love inside them.

– I understand.

– Are you better now, Dana?

– Somehow, but still, I am grieving.

– And you should be. Part of your heart dies with no mutual love. The fault is not only yours. Distract yourself from the past and overcome it Now. Make your darkness tranquil light.

– I will – Dana stood up. – I will come again.

– You’re welcome – smiled Layla.

Both women hugged again. Dana put makeup on her puffy face. She stood up and went down by stairs. This time she saw men and women hug each other in the rooms, watching happily into each other’s eyes. So, that place is where the men can find the security they miss in their homes.

Sad, but true, even the realization of it is Peaceful after some time of analysis.

Men and women look for love outside their relationships when they miss it and do not work toward it. That may be delusional at some points, but it is up to people to make it a reality.

That is a revised post.

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