Sand Steps Poem

Sand Steps – Poetry

Sand Steps – Poetry


The Best Poem I wrote for my latest breakup back in November 2021 with the true love of my life.

At least, in my opinion.


I drove to the beach,

Meeting the sand stories

That waves washed away

Like my own memories

One step on the left, the other on the right

Sadness walked into my mind

I wonder again how I survived

The pain inside and the sorrow

He made me a whole

Now nothing at all

Tossing my feeling

Under the dome

Stepping in water

I saw jellyfish

I stumbled on the stone

Creating plain wish

Only to be loved

Sand smiled at me

My steps didn’t exist

They were covered


Some people wait for true love, while others experience it as one-sided emotion. I believe it is better to experience that unmatched, uncomfortable, and consuming feeling than to run away from it. True love can’t be mistaken, because that connection is on many levels and almost instant between two souls that have met before. Both characters complement each other.

Based on my experience, true love is unrequited. It breaks a person’s heart into pieces to rebuild it and the person to become better.

Future life situations might change my mind, but for now, that is my belief. I never use theories without experiencing them on my back. It would be fake information, and I want to stay authentic to my few unbreakable principles.

Looking back in time, I improved a lot since I was torn inside out and re-found myself. Thanks to my broken heart, I understand human emotions and psychology better. Learning to forgive wrongdoing brings the mind freedom because it releases the painful chains.

When the pain is too much, many people are trapped in their fears and close their hearts which brings no good in life or business.

That is my most popular Poem on That platform is good to popularize content among writers, and It built my poet’s reputation, inspiring many other artists.

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