Untied – Poem


United – Poem


My Celebration of emotional healing I did for the last year.


Today I felt free

For a second time in  a row

After I broke up with you

My hurt and smacked soul

I got emotional blows

But I feel like a clown

Probably, because I fall

Harder than usual

In the current reality

By being on my own

I thought it will be great

All is under control

I hurt many people

For my unexpected soar

Defining the couture

Of sacrificing  the world

I have lived in

In a Delusions

Of being tied with a vow.


I always was a lyric, and non-rhyming poet. My emotions run deep as a fellow zodiac water sign, so I put a lot of feelings in my writing that are not easy to swallow. However, my motivations for writing are always two: make the reader think and feel.

I understand well my blog in its current state is dying but even so, I will continue writing until there is at least one reader. I believe when I finish my Poetry book, things will change for the better, but currently, I am editing it.

Many people ask why my works are not on trending topics but if that is the case, I should become a trader of my writing. I know the blog is needed when there is some kind of product on it, but I create it still. Indeed, I ran way too fast into creating the blog but I was highly disappointed with my participation in different social writing platforms, which did not bring me anything I wanted to achieve.

Recently my inspiration is lost because my physical time is limited. However, I keep doing my best in trying to keep up with everything in my current life situation because where is a dream to follow there is daily movement toward it.



When Do I See You Again? – Short Story

When Do I See You Again?

When Do I See You Again? – Short Story

That is

My Creative Dark Vibe, and I will not apologize for it.

I tried to write “When Do I See You Again?” as a horror short story because a contest’s rules were to create a supernatural setting. Since I am prone to challenges, I always go for new experiences in every field because boredom kills me. Relying upon someone to make my day interesting is not my thing.

Today I share a bit of my dark side’s thinking. Here is the short story if you’re interested to read it.


Valery was on a walk. She hated crowded places. That was the reason why she usually went out into the night. The streets were empty and calm in the late evening hours.

Lost in her thoughts, Valery walked many miles and found herself near a dark place. From a young age, darkness attracted her. The absence of light gave Valery tranquility.

It gave her peace of mind to focus and think about life situations and choices.

As the woman stood gazing at the night sky, a shadow came out of the dark. It was a man with dark hair and sparkling eyes. He wore informal black clothes.

– Good evening, beautiful lady — told he with a gentle voice — Are you not afraid to walk alone at night?

Valery was stressed out. She blinked her eyes for a minute, and then she collected herself.

– Good evening — answered the woman with a cold tone — Are you not ashamed to disturb the walk of a stranger, mister?

The “mister” blinked and smiled.

– Can I join your walk then, milady?

– Of course, you cannot — spoke arrogant Valery

– But it is midnight, and it is dangerous — continued the man — At least let me walk a bit with you, pretty lady.

– Okay, I need to walk more than 1000 steps to have my 10000 for the day, and then I go back home — with an indifferent tone, Valery continued — join me for the 1000 steps and leave, please.

– I agree, because I also need so many steps to finish my night 10000 steps — replied the man — My name is Saber, by the way. And may I know your name?

– Okay, mister, I am a defender of equality. My name is Valery.

Both people started to walk together. But they didn’t do it in silence. They talked about different topics and then found out that they have too many things in common.

That was the start of Valery and Saber’s dating. But everything was too good to be true.

One day, Valery called Saber to go out for a walk. He declined. Their meetings happened only at night hours.

The woman started to feel suspicious. She began to avoid the man. He knew that could happen. One night he decided to tell her the truth about himself.

Saber called Valery, but he didn’t pick up her phone. He came to her house. After many hours of waiting before her door, she decided to hear his explanation.

– I am a vampire, Val. — told confused Saber — I didn’t want you to know because you may feel afraid. — he showed his teeth to her.

– That changes nothing between us — spoke Valery calmly — I always wanted you to tell me the truth and to have no secrets from me — she hugged Saber.

The couple started to date every night, and the bond between both lovers became strong.

Valery fell more in love with Saber. He drank blood from little animals and used hospital blood banks.

Time passed, and Saber started to want the blood of Valery, making her his own. The desire was almost unbearable. The lovers weren’t consuming their relationship physically yet.

Saber was afraid he might hurt Valery.

One night, she asked him straightforward why they didn’t do sex and the man explained his reasons well,

– But I want you — said determined Valery — Let’s do it, it doesn’t matter what will happen.

– Are you sure, my Love? — asked Saber seriously — You may die in my arms, bitten by my teeth.

– Even so, I will be better to die in your arms tonight than to be never one with you in heart, mind, and body. -She sipped a glass of wine to herself and Saber.

In their lovemaking, Saber had bitten Valery many times. He gave her in advance a drop of his blood into the glass of wine she drank. She died and became alive again.

When Valery woke up as a vampire, she was thirsty. Saber slept still. The woman couldn’t control her thirst and went out looking for prey. She attacked an innocent child and killed him.

After she realized what she had done, she screamed and cried aloud. Saber came running to her, finding out what happened.

– What have I done? — Valery asked with empty eyes.

– Hey, Dear, stop it! It is not your fault! It is mine! Please do not blame yourself, but me! — begged Saber, clearly seeing what he did to his beloved.

– I will kill myself this morning when the sun rises — Valery spoke determinedly. — I do not want to stay in this world anymore. I love you with all my being, Saber, but I can not live in the night with guilt. Please let me do it. — the woman stood with her remaining sanity and dignity.

– I will follow you, my love — Saber stood proudly -It is my fault you are like that, and I will bear my consequences. Let’s die together, but first, let’s bury the boy.

The two lovers went silently to the cemetery. They buried the boy’s body with honor. They held their hands after, kissed, and hugged themselves for the remaining sunrise hours.

– When do I see you again, my love? — asked Saber, his soulmate and only one heart’s flame.

– I believe in good endings, rebirth, and miracles, my darling — answered Valery, gazing at her first and last life’s companion — In the next life, let’s meet again in human bodies.

– That will be our story end, my lady — smiled Saber.

– No, it will be our new beginning, mister — complemented Valery, her man.

Sun rose, and both lovers turned into bright flames.

Their souls met immediately and were reborn, meeting themselves again, looking into each other’s eyes like mirrors.


I wrote that short story for a contest, and it was rejected. My intuition tells me my work was cliche or uninteresting. Whatever the reason is, it will not change my love for night’s creatures, mythology, and dark fantasy worlds. I have always loved Gothic fiction.

When I was younger, I took part in a fantasy world setting writing with 4 more people. It could become a great online roleplay game, but time passed, and the co-workers became lazy to write continuously. The world idea sat in the stopped time. I tried to write books about the world, but I still haven’t finished them.

However, it is one of my life goals to finish Murion’s fantasy world stories that I created because I love my characters a lot, and I understood other person’s creations too. They are unique – from Asmodeus to Vampires and Humans.

The purpose of short stories writer is to love the involved characters, giving them feelings, and proper stories that touch the readers.
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