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On A Feast Triolet Poem

Diving into Triolet Poem

I found that Poetry form today and I decided immediately to try it:

On A feast

I sat with the crow on a feast

To eat the bones of an old lover

The bird started to eat poisoned breast

I sat with the crow on a feast.

Was it the never found love conquest?

We ate everything until we got over.

I sat with the crow on a feast

To eat the bones of an old lover


Revised post, republished Poem, included in my Poetry book.

I was very impressed by the Triolet Poetry form.

It is short and clear, and it goes straight into the heart.

In my daily life, I avoid small talk. Actions always speak louder than words and that is the point of my poems.

The Poetry Triolet form is not easy to follow. A certain mindset is needed, and a bit of logical thinking because the poem lines should be put in the exact order to give the right messages.

My first Triolet poem took me around one hour to write. I wanted to sound in a certain way and tone.

Between Triolet and the French Troubadour poetry form, there are differences. They both are short and powerful writing forms, but the messages they give are different.

In Triolet the accent is on actions that lead to the story’s end. In French, Troubardour forms the emphasis on the final result.

I love these two poetry forms because they make my mind clear about what I want to say with the concrete poem.

My standard poems are non-rhyming and I write them in a way to make the readers feel and think about what would they do in my situation. Maybe I am closer to a song lyrics writer than a usual, or not, poet.

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