Should I become A One-Night Stand?

Bard in old time

A poem, Inspired by Troubadour french poem form.

The time between people flies

No runaway train arrives

The Romantic troubadour sang

Should I be a one-night stand?

Sadness in the young woman’s eye

The realization there is no fairy tale

Romanticist today is too bland

Should I be a one-night stand?

Red laces are cut into slices

Passionate affair surely blinds

The monk of empty lines bangs

Should I be a one-night stand?

Love partnership heartfully dies

Couples’ non-talking sincerely arrives

Duality’s standard bard has the fang

Should I be a one-night stand?

From the author:

My love for Poetry is undying and eternal. I am currently working on my third Poetry book. My first and second were published by a traditional publishing company that went bankrupt. I lost my author’s rights, but I think to revise my drafts, republishing them after editing.

Poetry has always been my best friend, lover, and therapeutist. I can not imagine living without writing Poetry for a long time.

That poem I published on Simily and  Medium. Both platforms do not work for me anymore, but I spent a lot of time using them. Now I am writing on my blog, which is indeed one of my missions in life.

When I learned about the Troubadour french poem form, it took me back to the old time I love – the romantic historical period. Then the situations between people were clear and understandable. In love terms, back in time, the relationships were honest.

I miss the old time era, and I believe maybe my life should be between the 10 and 15 centuries.

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