Wearing Red Dress With Confidence

That Is All Women Need To Feel Inspired.

Many women lack self-esteem. That is because they do not look pretty enough in their own eyes. It doesn’t matter if the reason is overweight, cellulite or acne on the face. The outlook changes with time and age.
The problem here is not the look outside, but the feeling women have inside.
Worries at home, work, and social relationships play a huge role in low women’s confidence. The television stereotypes that women should look likewise, and social media hit hard the self-esteem.
The media is part of the daily lives of everyone.

What can we all do?

Just ignore the thought that everyone should be the same on the outside look.
The most important thing is to be realistic.

What does one woman have and what not?

When this is understood, things change. All women can wear a proudly red dress. The important thing is the clothing style of that dress.

But what is the red dress?

That is the self-confidence of women themselves. They should wear good quality clothes even if they feel bad inside.
The quality doesn’t mean the most expensive dress, but the one that fits right on women’s bodies. For example, curvy girls should wear clothes that show well their better body parts than problematic ones.
Speaking metaphorically, red is the color of confidence and strength. Today’s women live a different life than in the old times. They emancipate but want to stay women also. That can happen but without the expectation of better treatment.
When the girl is younger, she wants to be sexy without knowing the right thing about this look.
A sexy look is not to show up the body’s part, but to be a confident woman. Wherever women go, they should look adequate for their age and have a human attitude.
It doesn’t matter how bad one woman feels, but she should take care of herself.

Who else will do it?

Most men look for beautiful girls they can control. A girl that he can show up to. That is not a bad thing but is too ordinary.
The difference between pretty girls and mature women wearing red dresses is simple. Girls want to show their bodies to invite men to take care of them by playing stupid with their beauty. Another reason is that the girls are lazy to grow up and invest money in themselves, and I mean their minds.
Mature Women that wear red dresses have their dignity. They know they are not so pretty and carefree as younger ones, but they have more consistency. They have a career, children, and their shoulders to lay.
Mature women are partners, and young girls are not.
A red dress can be worn only by a woman that knows where she is going and treasures herself.
When women give childbirth, they forget about themselves and take care of their looks.

Photo by Shahin Kh on Pexels.com

It is inevitable for the woman to go back on herself. Because when the woman age, she understands better new day she can see her child and the sunrise is a gift.
The clothes she wore are dusty as her role as the victim should be taken care of by someone else.
The young glitter and naivety fade away because a grown-up, mature woman knows most of her life is gone.
When children grow up, husbands become distant and uncaring a safe place for the woman is herself. She should wear the best she can for all that she has been through in her life.
That means the red dress. Expectations are gone, naivety too, and there is no more need for a mature woman to make herself pretty for someone else than her.
The red dress brings up the boldness, lust for life, and the motivation to move on.
After every break-up with a man or friend, the grown woman knows she still has herself. She always will.
In the bottle of wine and tears drawn, the woman becomes a better version of herself, a wiser one. A load of worries begins to become chaotic until it fades.
The problematic figure becomes the best sanctuary that hides the purer soul of one wiser woman.
The red dress also brings strength to fight with daily routines. The woman sees a different point of view. She begins to accept that she will not be young again and that no more men will chase her because she is now an equal partner that can not be easily impressed.
Undoubtedly, that makes her proud and feel unworthy because she is not a stereotyped media model, fading away.
The problem here comes if the woman doesn’t accept herself as she is.

If the woman doesn’t accept her flaws, it is not good. She will not grow up. Here comes low self-esteem with phrases like: “I am not pretty, nobody will take me” or “I have nothing to do with my life anymore”.

May I ask why?

For example, you gave birth, and you have to see your kid at the prom. Probably the kids are grown, and you are alone at home. Asking me, that is a great thing, to learn something new and enrich your life. You can dance, write and do whatever you like. Nobody will watch or judge you.

Or you may be a successful business lady?

So you did it, girl! There is always a reason to feel proud and to move on.
Life is too short for any delays, so it should be enlightening daily.
After I gave birth to my kid, I became stronger and healthier. Now I am great at dancing Zumba and also in blogging. My discipline is better, and I am more organized. If an ordinary woman like me can do it, all can do it too.
All is about the mind’s peace. As soon as women accept they can do all they want to, they will do it. They understand they are on their own. No man can bring a woman back to life. But she can do it.
I also bought a red dress, and I wear it proudly. I never thought to try to wear a red dress. But now I can feel myself in it. All my experiences and bittersweet life lessons are my honor.
Is it true my luck in my love life is missing, but do I need any outside love? It will come when the time is right.
Women with red dresses are great partners. They will not suffocate men and will not accept some sweet-coated words without actions. That is happiness and wearing a proudly red dress.

It was Long ago Sheakspere told it: “Do you know why I am happy? Because I do not expect anything from anyone.”

In the end, after every hard life lesson, women go proudly with their makeup, stilettos, and red nails too.

Or should I say like my friend and Zumba trainer Irene Barrera “When life is hard, let’s dance through it!”

Wearing a red dress is a thing that all women should remember when they are feeling bad.
Your dress is unique and meaningful. Just imagine it and collect its pieces.

Loneliness Is Inspiration

Winner is Alone

Loneliness Is Inspiration


Solitude Gives Birth To Creation

In today’s world, many people are lonely. Some feel bad about it, others take it as a lesson, and third, make it their inspiration.
I am from the third group.

In my life, I used to be lonely. I am still like this, but the difference is that after so many rejections and betrayals, I choose to stay this way. Sometimes it is better to be a lone wolf.

Feelings are too fragile and can hurt people easily. But thanks to them, people become stronger.

From a young age, I was a loner. I have never perceived myself as a pretty girl or a beautiful woman for the boys and men. Or I may have been so cold and distant-looking. I am not sure about this.

Years have gone by, and I began to see it as typical as I walk on the road daily.
I cried a lot at the beginning of that. It was in my teenage.
Then I began to look at myself in the mirror and chin up with new power to create and write. The pain of rejection became my greatest inspiration.
I think nobody should sit and cry if there is a rejection by others. It is always better to feel the pain of being alive and dumped than to stay dead in the heart.

Why do I find this new kind of inspiration?

Well, there are things and feelings we can not change. Some people will not accept, like, or love us. But that is because the problem is in them and their feelings.
When between two persons is not chemistry and I speak about emotional one, there is no hope the feelings to be shared. The situation will become worse with time. Until the point when two people neglect themselves so much, that they even can’t stand each other.

Inspiration is to look deeper into the reasons why you got rejected.

f the problem is in your insecurity, you should fix it. But if the problem is unmet expectations toward yourself, then it is not yours.

The first time I got rejected was when I was on 11 years. There was a time I felt in the purest childish love. It was my first love. When I got dumped, I felt broken and depressed. I had so many negative emotions I couldn’t accept, and I thought I do not survive after them. But I overcame them, and I started to write poetry. My grandmother helped me with the paragraphs, and when I read what I have written, I was amazed. That made me realize I have some talent to write. I thought I am useless till then.

This experience can be called the start of my writing career.

After this, I continued to get rejections one after another. But I felt good and free because every time I confessed my feelings to different boys, I became more direct and more immune to rejections.
I wrote an online poem, then a book, and I saw my progress as a writer. In my teenage, I already got 2 poetry books in Bulgarian.


Photo by Koshevaya_k on Pexels.com

My last year at school was not good, and I got another rejection by my classmate, who said I am too ugly for him and bullied me before other boys’ eyes. This made me feel ugly, but then I was motivated to change my look and prove I am not ugly. I succeeded in this.
When we finished school, I decided to not have any boyfriends at all. I looked good, and I wrote great.
The classmate who rejected me wanted us to become a couple on our prom, but this time I dumped him. Well, all was just a flirt for him, and he found a one-night stand.

This was my school story.

When I turned eighteen, I met my first love again. We were more mature, and things between us went too fast. In just a few months, we become an official couple.
Then I stopped writing. It was because I loved my boyfriend so much, and I just forgot about my inspiration.
With time things between us began to fall apart. My boy was obsessed and jealous of me, and I am a free spirit.
This led to our break couldn’t overcome it for years.

Then I found my inspiration in loneliness and self-pity again.

Today I still love this boy, and I remember Nick with good, but I know we were not meant to be.

After I was again a loner, I decided to write short stories. They were so emotional that my friends cried when they read them. I was proud again that I did not forget to write.
Until I graduated from the university, I continued to write short stories. I have read a lot of fantasy books, and I wrote this genre.

Then I made a blog in Bulgarian with my works of Creation.

After graduation, I had plenty of time before finding a stable job. The real-life hit me hard. I went on around 200 job interviews, and only 5 employers were interested in me.

My writing muse ended.

At twenty-five years, I met my current boyfriend. We wrote for a long time together in a role-playing world called Marion. I am proud of our job together.
Then I moved from my hometown to the town where I live currently. I lost my will to write until I adaption to the new place and job. But you know, I am glad I moved here. I went on 2 personal development courses, and I freed myself from expectations.

My life is filled with ups and downs, but I always was saved by my poetry and prose writing in Solitude.

I searched for inspiration in every little thing that happened to me. For the things that did not happen in my life, I just create them in my mind with the eventual outcomes, and I write them down. This is how my recent poetry books were born.
Now I am broken in my heart again, but I see this not as a piece of bad luck but as something that makes me wiser. This is something precious that inspires me to write and share more.
I want to tell you that being lonely is not a bad thing. It is an emotion that makes you search for the reasons deep in your heart.
Inspire yourself with a different point of view.



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